Homemade Twinkies


A few weeks ago, a friend of mine went to Unites States. I was thinking to ask her to buy me an Apple TV since it was so hard to find it here in Jakarta. Fortunately i found the Apple TV from someone i know in a tech forum on internet (bless the technology!). Just a few days before she take off, i finally asked her to buy me Twinkies. A snack from United States which i knew from my cousin when he was still lived in the state. I asked her to buy me not too much since i didn’t want to bother her. Apparently she brought me two boxes of Twinkies! (God Bless you, mba Juli! Love ya!) And what surprised me the most is she bought me The Minion Edition Twinkies! Ha! I’ve been read it on internet that Hostess had a selfie contest with that minion twinkies. But, i decide not to get in because i thought it was only for American citizens only.

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Hummingbird Eatery Jakarta (Review)

Yesterday, i had a chance to visit a place called Hummingbird Eatery. That wasn’t a place of Hummingbird’s birds (i know that little creature, amazing bird though). It was a restaurant inside of a mall at South Jakarta. Seems like the type of the restaurant is Casual Dining with a little high price but still acceptable.

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Two days ago, me and my family went to Puncak, Bogor, West Java. My mom and dad always visits our property in Mega Mendung, West Java at least Twice a week. This time i went with them because i looked for fresh grass i intended to give to my Guinea Pigs. After i get a bucket full of fresh grass and enjoyed mountain air, i asked to stop by to Cimory.

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