I love playing with my blowtorch. And i’ve been trying to make some foods with it. Done with The Creme Brulee, i want to try it out on Banana Brulee (i love bananas! Who doesn’t?).

This morning i tried to make Banana Brulee as my breakfast. I have my bread toaster and Nutella to complete it. So, here’s the Banana Brulee Bread with Nutella:

Banana Brulee Bread with Nutella

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Creme Brulee (Ramsay vs Stewart)

This is my first attempt to make creme brulee. I’ve always wanted to make creme brulee but since i don’t have a blowtorch to do the finishing so i thought i couldn’t make it. But with a full spirited i decided to make it using my oven. And the result wasn’t really disappointed. Thankfully, my boyf bought me a blowtorch to give the creme brulee perfection. I was using two different recipes here. The first one i made was Gordon Ramsay’s recipe and the second one is from Martha Stewart. The reason why i ‘m using two recipes is because on my first trial with Ramsay’s recipe after i baked it in oven, the batter seems not set. It was like Puyo’s silky pudding. I thought it was supposed to be firm after i baked it. So i immediately decide to try another recipe to see the difference. And Martha Stewart seems good to go.

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Chicken Masala (India Cuisine)


I always curious with Garam Masala. A spice from India. I heard it once when i watch Gordon Ramsay cook Chicken Tikka Masala. And i searched for that spice on internet. I found Garam Masala Spice in a supermarket that sell import spices. I didn’t really know how it taste so i decided not to bought it that time.

It was two weeks ago when i dine in in a restaurant with my friends. They serve a menu Seafood Masala. I recognized the name, but since i already ate so don’t think i can accept more food into my tummy. Thankfuly, my friend wanted to give it a try so i had a chance to taste how it was like. I like the taste immediately. So the next time i visit the restaurant with my boyf, i know exactly what i want to order; that Seafood Masala.

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Salmon Tartare with Avocado

Salmon Tartare

Well, i just made this dish this afternoon after looking for some idea to eat salmon. Who doesn’t love salmon? If you want a high protein dish from sea, salmon is your hero (along with snapper, halibut and tuna). I shared my salmon with my 16 months little niece. I eat this salmon raw while she eat it perfectly cooked. Everybody know fishes are good for kids brain developing.

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Let’s Make Pasta!


Beef Ravioli with Pomodoro Sauce

It’s been a while since i made my own pasta from scratch. I loves pasta. Any pasta! But as you can see, i mostly cook my pasta dishes from dried pasta i bought in supermarket. There are pros and cons about using fresh pasta and dried pasta. But i don’t want to talk about that now. You may prefer fresh pasta because its fresh or you may choose dried pasta because it makes your life easier. Whatever the reason, its your choice and i won’t judge you. And for myself, i don’t mind to eat pasta whether its fresh made or dried. As long as you use fresh ingredients to cook along with the pasta, i’ll be fine.

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