Baked Salmon Rice

It was about a week ago when me and boyf went to Loka Supermarket on Alam Sutra, Tangerang. I loved to go to a big supermarket that sell so many products, including import ingredients. I have big curiosity about anything. When i see a strange food i’ve never seen or ate and i think the meal is quite delicious, i will try as hard as i can to find the name and then the recipe so i can try to remake it at home.

This meal was my boyf order for our lunch on Food Theater. This Restaurant is next to Loka and also in one group company with Loka. First time i saw this place i thought this was some kind of fine dining restaurant because the ambience is typically fine dining with big, all white and open kitchen right in the middle (i’m sorry i don’t took photo). We decided to give it a try, so i order for Greek Salad and Lava Cake, my boyf order Baked Salmon Rice.
The Salad was quite good for me. But when i tried the Salmon Rice, i found it really delicious. Everything is perfect for me, taste, portion and presentation. Bravo, chef! But what made me interested is the taste. My boyf has better palate (he was a kitchen helper in his uncle restaurant on oz), when he said a food delicious then i MUST tried it. We tried to guessed the ingredients. And agreed on veloute as their basic taste.
After that, as you know i bought all the ingredients i might need to remake the dish. I change the mozarella cheese with cheddar cheese because at the last minute i realise i didn’t have it in my chiller. What i was doing is i cook the rice along with the veloute then add the salmon. After i  thought the rice is quite mushy mixed with veloute then i baked it in oven for 25 minute at 200 celcius.
The taste is good, but i think it still not the same taste with the original taste. I don’t think they use veloute as the liquid. And that is still a mystery for me. Well, my first attempt to remake this dish is not success, but i plan to do it again once i figure out what the liquid is.
Don’t you think it is fun to do this? It’s like my palate is tested. And its going to be a huge proud when your guess is right. Haha…keep tasting, people!

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