Two days ago, me and my family went to Puncak, Bogor, West Java. My mom and dad always visits our property in Mega Mendung, West Java at least Twice a week. This time i went with them because i looked for fresh grass i intended to give to my Guinea Pigs. After i get a bucket full of fresh grass and enjoyed mountain air, i asked to stop by to Cimory.

Cimory is a Milk Company based on Puncak, West Java. This company became bigger and build restaurants (two restaurants), one with riverside view and the other one with mountain view. I visited the one with the mountain view. They not only sell products based on milk, they also sell some snacks and exclusive souvenirs with their product design.

What makes me interested is the Chocomory. Their line product that sell foods from chocolate. I bought one of their ice cream. They have 3 flavors; Matcha (Green Tea), Salt Caramel and Belgian Dark Chocolate. Since i’m not a big fan of Matcha and Salt Caramel, i tried The Belgian Dark Chocolate. Well, the taste wasn’t so bad. The dark chocolate made it a little sugarless taste. I love sweet taste, so i think for a dark chocolate flavor, this ice cream is quite good. Even though it’s a little bit weird for me, maybe the sugarless taste came from dark chocolate. But i don’t think so, i think if their point is on the dark chocolate, then the ice cream supposed to taste more like chocolate. I mean its dark chocolate, right? They supposed to taste semisweet or bittersweet, not tasteless or sugarless.

I also bought their chocolates. They have a bag contains 3 chocolate flavor; Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate 55%. I choose this bag because i love White Chocolate and Milk Chocolate. And i’ll give The Dark Chocolate for my boyf’s Mom who loves chocolate as i am.

I like what Cimory did to their products. I think they tried to bring a new concept of how to consume milk, since not many Indonesian like to drink milk. It’s a good idea to bring milk not only as a healthy drink product but also makes it more tastier with the flavors variation and forms.

Besides the product, the place itself also recommended if you looking for a fresh air and mountain view. You can come at night or day to enjoy the view and the ambience. Though their spaghetti bolognese taste is average to me. And about the price, all i can say is reasonable and not too pricey. Enjoy Cimory!



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