Hummingbird Eatery Jakarta (Review)

Yesterday, i had a chance to visit a place called Hummingbird Eatery. That wasn’t a place of Hummingbird’s birds (i know that little creature, amazing bird though). It was a restaurant inside of a mall at South Jakarta. Seems like the type of the restaurant is Casual Dining with a little high price but still acceptable.

From the restaurant layout, it was a nice restaurant. I’m sorry i didn’t capture their ambience because i wanted to focus on the foods. So, Let’s start with the menu(s), i add ‘s’ because they have 3 kind of menus (which was kinda made me confused) but i decided to choose on the western menu because i was so hungry (God know how hungry i was!). So with my hungry brain, i chose pasta which is my fave but then my boyf forbid me because i can make it at home *sad eye* (he’s so cruel isn’t he? Haha, kidding. He wanted me to train my palate instead to taste the same dishes i loved) After i read some food list i don’t understand (yeah, i became a brainless woman when i’m hungry, ha! :D), i ordered Dory Parmigiana and a cup of English Breakfast (because the tea gave me an advantage to get a free dessert) while my boyf ordered Chicken Scallopini and Earl Grey tea.

I’m going back to talk about their menu (I promise if i back to Hummingbird Eatery, i’ll update their menu pictures). They have Western Foods Menu (Western+Pasta), Early Riser Menu (for breakfast menu only from 7-11pm) and Soup and Salad, Grazing and Asian Foods Menu. For me its quite complex, i got it if the have so many kind of foods. But i wonder why wont they make it into one menu book. Maybe they want to be different because most restaurant already have it, well its their choice but i don’t see the efficience. Because i need to put down the menu i hold and grab another one or maybe i can compare it together by hold it together with my both hand? The menu’s size is maybe equal with a paper of A4 paper in landscape. I see it was not compact and efficient. But i appreciate how they designed the menu. They made it like you are reading a newspaper (because they named their menu ‘Hummingbird Whisperer). Looked creative.

Dory Parmigiana

Alright, lets try the foods! My Dory Parmigiana looks delicious. It has beautiful oozes look from the melted mozarella i always loved to see. I like their tomato sauce taste, not too sweet and not too sour from tomatoes, its perfect to me! But too bad they only add a little of balsamic as their salad dressing, so there’s some part of the veggies taste balsamicless. And for the fries was acceptable for me, even though i couldn’t finish to eat the fries because i was too full.

Chicken Scallopini

The first time i saw this dish, i knew the must be use cream for the sauce. Cream is not my favourite ingredient for cooking. I rarely use it in my kitchen because i don’t like the taste of cream in my food, made me wanna throw up. And that is also the reason i never cook any kind of creamy pasta sauce such as alfredo or carbonara (i only use white egg for the creamy taste). So when my boyf asked me to tried it, i had a thought i was gonna hate the taste. But apparently, it taste so good! I swear it was good! It seems like their mixing taste between cream and some herbs and seasoning are balance to bring out the taste. Good recipe.

Emerald cake

Emerald Cake is the name of my dessert. I got this cake free because i ordered English Breakfast Tea. I asked if i have another choice of their selection tea, but unfortunately only English Breakfast comes free with the cake, so i had no choice. The cake only has single layer, the green which was  i predict avocado mousse. While the chocolate is a chocolate pound cake. They also gave more variant of cakes for dessert like banana cake or cookies and cream pound cake but i chose this because i loved avocado. And the taste was still not disappointing, it tasted good. I got the avocado mousse for myself while my boyf got the chocolate cake. Haha!

Quoted Tissue

Owh, i love what they did to their dessert tissue. A quoted tissue is a good idea for your dessert company.I found it quite funny but also entertaining. 😉

How they serve tea

Every time i ordered selection tea for my drink in some restaurants i have visited, most of them serve the tea in a ceramic cup and the tea plate or a ceramic cup with the teapot (of course the teabag and sugar variants also came along). But in Hummingbird Eatery, they served your tea in a small wood tray with a tiny bear shape gingerbread. I was really impressed, for me this is a compact and perfect way to serve a tea. Remember how english people have their tea with biscuit or other condiments? Well, i think they applied it here. Quite impressive, right?

Overall, i had a very nice eating experience in Hummingbird Eatery. With a good ambience and fine foods, i really like this place.

Kuningan City Mall, Upper Ground Floor
South Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone:+62 21 30056370
Opening Hours: 8.00 am – 10.00 pm




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