Chicken Masala (India Cuisine)


I always curious with Garam Masala. A spice from India. I heard it once when i watch Gordon Ramsay cook Chicken Tikka Masala. And i searched for that spice on internet. I found Garam Masala Spice in a supermarket that sell import spices. I didn’t really know how it taste so i decided not to bought it that time.

It was two weeks ago when i dine in in a restaurant with my friends. They serve a menu Seafood Masala. I recognized the name, but since i already ate so don’t think i can accept more food into my tummy. Thankfuly, my friend wanted to give it a try so i had a chance to taste how it was like. I like the taste immediately. So the next time i visit the restaurant with my boyf, i know exactly what i want to order; that Seafood Masala.

That time i have whole portion to eat. Means i have a chance for my palate to taste it better. And i’m in love with the taste. Thank God i already bought Garam Masala a month before, i’ve decided to give it a try even though i still have no idea what will i cook.

After i search for an idea how to cook it and what protein i can use, i decide to tried it with chicken, since i know Chicken Tikka Masala is a famous cuisine from India. And my mom also pushed me to cook for our dinner, so i gave it a try.

Well, if you read carefully i put two different names of food here. Chicken Masala and Chicken Tikka Masala. They’re not much different, Chicken Tikka Masala is using chicken chunk from chicken breast (Tikka means chunk in India) while on Chicken Masala you can use the whole cut of chicken (except the head and feet)

It wasn’t so hard to cook this meal. I’ve been trying to trained myself to start cooking Asian Foods especially Indonesian Cuisines. And i find this Chicken Masala is similar with Indonesian Cuisine. You marinate the chicken, made the ground spices then cook it with the chicken in the skillet. I guess that’s the basic procedure to cook with Indonesia Cuisines lots of spices.

The only challenge i get is to cook the chicken. I don’t really familiar cooking chicken (remember i never cook pasta with chicken?), so it was a little bit tricky for me. I’m glad i still have my mom to assist me in the kitchen. Even though she doesn’t know the meal but at least she has a lifetime experience cooking with chicken than i do.

I really sorry i don’t share the recipe because you can find many Chicken Masala Recipe on internet. But i can assure you that this meal is absolutely won’t fail your palate. Hmmm…i wonder if all indian cuisines this tasty. I guess we should find out for more.



Chicken Masala

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