I love playing with my blowtorch. And i’ve been trying to make some foods with it. Done with The Creme Brulee, i want to try it out on Banana Brulee (i love bananas! Who doesn’t?).

This morning i tried to make Banana Brulee as my breakfast. I have my bread toaster and Nutella to complete it. So, here’s the Banana Brulee Bread with Nutella:

Banana Brulee Bread with Nutella

The sweetness from banana and Nutella makes this meal perfect! I toast the bread first just to get the crunchy on my mouth. Add 2 pinches of sanding sugar then caramelised it with the blowtorch. Perfection!. I only use a slice of bread for this because i don’t want the bread to dominate the taste.

Banana Brulee Bread with Blueberry Sauce

As much as i love the taste of sweet in my palate, i want to give more variation to my meal. Still with Banana Brulee, i made a Blueberry Sauce. I only add a pinch of sugar to the Blueberry sauce (don’t want to be too sweet).

I’m gonna try more recipes to use with my blowtorch. Keep on cooking!



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