Good food is Good Mood

When you learn how to cook and getting use with it, you’ll find so many experiences during the time. Good lessons or bad lessons, i bet every homecook must be experienced by it. You’re lucky if you learn how to cook at a young age. But cooking doesn’t care with any age you come with. Younger or older, it all depends on how many times you try to make foods and get along with cooking itself.

I just had an experience in my kitchen last night. Well first, i can’t exactly count how many time i made mistakes in my own kitchen. Cooking or Baking Mistakes, been there and done there. And second, i’m easily to forget something and believe me, that only made the experience worst. Lately, i forgot that i put a bottle of mint flavor into a bottle of unused vanilla flavor. Then when i baked a vanilla cake, without any hesitation (and consciousness) i poured the vanilla bottle contains with mint into the cake batter. THE WHOLE BOTTLE! As clear as you can see, my cake is VERY minty! It even taste like eating a peppermint cake. Blame my memory then….

The next failure is not exactly my mistake. I was trying to cook a Banana Nutella Pie. The dough is perfect and the filling is alright. Until i try to bake the pie blindly. I set the time and the tempt correctly. But the result of my pie was a thick pie crust. A 2cm of pie crust thickness! Gah! I have no choice other than put the filling and continue to serve it to my family. Thank goodness my sister ate the whole of the pie. She said it was good for her diet life, (maybe she meant the pie thickness, not the fat contains Nutella, who knows.) Until the i found how to bake pie blind perfectly. This time, blame my lack of experience.

My next wall of shame was when i tried to make Avocado Jelly for desert. The jelly turns out good, but the avocado, i swear it betrayed me with its color. The avocado’s color turned from fresh green avocado into muddy brown-ish avocado! Yeah, i know its because an enzyme in avocados causes the flesh to oxidize when exposed to air, turning it an unappealing brown-ish color. Since it won’t do the appetite look so i change the avocado messy with just a chocolate milk on the top of the jelly. Let’s blame the avocado!

Those just a few story of my failures in the kitchen. You may find it amusing(sometimes i do too), but mostly it was pissing off when you experience it yourself. The anger will multiple when the mistake made when you were cooking for others or when someone paid you to baked them a cake. But as much as it will cost you your rage, i suggest you to remains calm. Trust me, pouring your anger when you try to start over your cooking won’t do any good to your food.

I may not have the experience cooking when your angry. But i know that doesn’t sounds right. I do believe when you’re cooking, you’re pouring your emotion into the foods. We have a said in Indonesia ‘when someone’s dish taste salty, it means they want to get married’. I don’t know if its true or not, but the moral meaning is you can taste someone’s emotion or feeling through their foods.

That is why i tried to keep calm when i made a mistake when i cook or bake something. Start over is not fun. But cooking when angry will make it worse. So ease the anger away and cook with sincerity. A peace of mind will results a piece of good food. And try not to bring anger to the kitchen, kitchen is where the love comes. Love comes from food right? A good food is a good mood.



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