How to Contact Apple Support

My broken iPod Nano
Well, i post this entry as a hope to help anyone who confused or dont know what to do when your iDevices (Apple Devices) is broken. First, i will tell you the story how i decide to fix my iPod Nano 6th Gen. I bought my iPod Nano about 4 years ago. I always used it to listen MP3 every time o go to my workplace. One day, when my brother who always take me to my workplace by motorbike and i just got out from our home, accidentally i dropped my iPod to asphalt road and the motorbike’s wheel rolled over it. Surprisedly, it makes not much damaged other than the screen glass is cracked. The back of the iPod almost looked fine but a very little dent. And the most surprising was the iPod still worked! It can played song prefectly and the censored under the glass also work perfectly. Even the cracked glass wasnt sharp to touch. WOW!!

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