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My broken iPod Nano
Well, i post this entry as a hope to help anyone who confused or dont know what to do when your iDevices (Apple Devices) is broken. First, i will tell you the story how i decide to fix my iPod Nano 6th Gen. I bought my iPod Nano about 4 years ago. I always used it to listen MP3 every time o go to my workplace. One day, when my brother who always take me to my workplace by motorbike and i just got out from our home, accidentally i dropped my iPod to asphalt road and the motorbike’s wheel rolled over it. Surprisedly, it makes not much damaged other than the screen glass is cracked. The back of the iPod almost looked fine but a very little dent. And the most surprising was the iPod still worked! It can played song prefectly and the censored under the glass also work perfectly. Even the cracked glass wasnt sharp to touch. WOW!!

After the accident, i bought another iPod Nano with the same color. And i still used it even until now. And for the broken iPod i attached it with the audio player in my bedroom. So, after 4 years i decide to fix the broken iPod. There is only one Apple Authorised Service Center in my city which also the place i bought every Apple Devices; iBox. I came to them and ask them to fix my iPod, though i know the warranty is over and i told them i dont mind it. But the problem is iBox couldnt fix the iPod because they said the iPod is couldnt be fix but need to be replaced to a new one. And they just couldnt do that because my iPod is no longer produced.
It felt sucks to know its was the end of my iPod. But, my boyfie said maybe i should contacted Apple Support to fix the problem. Because he had a faith that Apple After Sales Service is one of the best in the world (my boyfie is an Applefreak thou). Then i tried to contacted Apple Support as my boyfie said. I contact them through their official website I attached the photos below.
I chose my apple device (iPod)
Then i chose the product (iPod Nano)


I chose other iPod Nano Topics and describe my issue
(because cracked screen is not on the list)
I chose to schedule the call for my convenient time
(on the right screen, my issue is already written)
As you can see, i scheduled the call because i was busy at the time i tried to contact them. You can choose ‘Talk to Apple Support Now’ option if you want them to call you at the time. You only have to put your phone number so they can called you on the scheduled time. Your country code will be needed to put.
On monday morning at 11 o’clock as i scheduled the call, a foreign number called my cellphone. It was an australia number (it started with +61) After i describe my issue to the representative, they tried to make another call to the authorised service center in Jakarta. It takes an hour later they called me again and tell me i can fix my iPod to the nearest Apple Service Region which is in Hongkong or Singapore. I chose singapore because its nearer to mine. So they emailed me the address so i can send my iPod immediately.
I know my iPod is no longer covered by warranty so i ask them about the fee service. Surprisedly, because of an policy issue in my country that make Apple authorised service in Jakarta couldnt replace my iPod, so the representative give me a FREE SERVICE FEE for a 30 days as an exception for my case! Yeaayy! Nothing can make a woman happier than a free of sumtin’ right? *big grin* But as we know, the service charge is free, but the shipping charge is not free. So the next day i sent my iPod by international post.
I got an email from Apple Authorised Service Provider in Singapore called A.Lab. They confirmed had received my iPod and the letter i attached to them. My iPod will be replaced to the new one by three days (not inc sat and sunday). Unfortunately they didnt provide a delivery to shipped it back to my place. So the only choice is i need to get there to get it on my own. I scheduled two tickets with my boyfie to get the iPod. And not more than a week later, i got my new iPod Nano 6th Gen. Haha!
I can say i really happy with Apple After Sales Service. If you think its hard to claim your broken apple devices then think again. My message is: NEVER TRY TO LIE. Seriously, just tell them your issue. Admit it if its you fault or your error. Dont even try to make up a reason your device is broken. The will know, i swear it, they will found out. While the conversation with Apple Representative, i can feel their effort to help my problem. They called me twice from two different numbers, Australia and Singapore. I can say it was a big phone charge thou, hahaha. But its their prob not mine. My intention from the start was to fix my iPod, no matter how it is. And because it was no longer covered by warranty, i knew the charge wouldnt be cheap. But i get it anyway. So, here is my twin iPod Nano.
As good as new. Thanks Apple!







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