How do you like your Steak?

As you can see from some of posts, i obviously not a vegan. I eat meat, seafood. I like meat, i love meat as my main protein. I’ve tried to be a vegan a few years ago, but i find it was hard for me to stop eating meat. Please don’t judge me as a bad person just because i love to eat meat, i love animals as pet but i’m still eat meat as my foods.

I love Steak, i really love Steak. I like T Bone as my favourite part of Steak. But i don’t mind to eat Sirloin if they can give me some fats as bonus. Why i like T bone for my steak? Well, maybe because in T Bone, you can eat the marrow. Yes, that’s my favourite part of T Bone. The other favourite part than T Bone is Ribeye. Yup, i think most people know that this part is the most perfect cut of meat to be made as Steak. Ribeye gives you more tenderness than Tenderloin itself (in my opinion).

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Good food is Good Mood

When you learn how to cook and getting use with it, you’ll find so many experiences during the time. Good lessons or bad lessons, i bet every homecook must be experienced by it. You’re lucky if you learn how to cook at a young age. But cooking doesn’t care with any age you come with. Younger or older, it all depends on how many times you try to make foods and get along with cooking itself.

I just had an experience in my kitchen last night. Well first, i can’t exactly count how many time i made mistakes in my own kitchen. Cooking or Baking Mistakes, been there and done there. And second, i’m easily to forget something and believe me, that only made the experience worst. Lately, i forgot that i put a bottle of mint flavor into a bottle of unused vanilla flavor. Then when i baked a vanilla cake, without any hesitation (and consciousness) i poured the vanilla bottle contains with mint into the cake batter. THE WHOLE BOTTLE! As clear as you can see, my cake is VERY minty! It even taste like eating a peppermint cake. Blame my memory then….

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