How do you like your Steak?

As you can see from some of posts, i obviously not a vegan. I eat meat, seafood. I like meat, i love meat as my main protein. I’ve tried to be a vegan a few years ago, but i find it was hard for me to stop eating meat. Please don’t judge me as a bad person just because i love to eat meat, i love animals as pet but i’m still eat meat as my foods.

I love Steak, i really love Steak. I like T Bone as my favourite part of Steak. But i don’t mind to eat Sirloin if they can give me some fats as bonus. Why i like T bone for my steak? Well, maybe because in T Bone, you can eat the marrow. Yes, that’s my favourite part of T Bone. The other favourite part than T Bone is Ribeye. Yup, i think most people know that this part is the most perfect cut of meat to be made as Steak. Ribeye gives you more tenderness than Tenderloin itself (in my opinion).

Next is the most important thing when you want to eat a Steak. How done you want your steak. I like mine Medium Rare. Here i am going to tell you the reason. Before i join my cooking class i always want my steak Well Done, meaning i want my meat perfectly cook. I don’t want any risk to eat some bacterias when i have my steak. I always thought when people eat steak with red color inside their meat, it was really gross. I felt like i’m a Canibal, eating a raw meat. Then after i know that it’s perfectly fine to eat steak with Rare or Medium Rare level, i decide to give it a try. You can check a good article about safety to eat rare meat here. Remember, a red colour inside a meat doesn’t mean it’s undercook.

Level of Doneness on Steak

For some people maybe they still think it’s better to eat a well done meat. Well, i won’t argue with them. I like mine with Medium Rare. For me, when you compare a Well done and Medium rare, you need to eat them to find the reason. Why Medium Rare? Because i hate a chewy meat. And when you eat a well done steak, that’s what you will get. It’s hard to chew a chewy meat. I mean, it’s like you’re eating a rubbery meat. So hard to rip it inside your mouth.

How about the red liquid when you tear the meat? Trust me, it’s not blood! It’s the meat juice! It comes out when you cook a meat on a high temperature. And it’s also taste good.

I hope after you read this, you will have a courage to try t least a medium level steak. I won’t force you to try the medium rare if you feel not ready for that one. Just remember one thing, and this is the reason when i want to try a new food; all bacterias on the raw foods will dead on a high temperature. As long as they have a good safety standard when processing foods, you’ll be fine. And for meat, the bacterias spread on the surface of the meat, so it’s perfectly fine  to eat meat when the surface already have direct contact with fire or high temperature.



Sirloin Steak with Thyme Butter

“Eating rare steak will not cause food poisoning if kitchen utensils used to cook it are kept clean, it is claimed.”

-BBC News-


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