Fluffy (My first Guinea Pig)

Fluffy The Fatty

Right now i’m gonna talk about my pet. A few years ago i had a Black Labrador dog named Conan Doyle. He was died about 2 years ago after we tried to removed a tumor near his stomach. It was the saddest moment in mylife. I lost my own beloved dog who had been with me for almost 12 years. It hurts me a lot lost Conan. But i always love animals. So it took me 2 years after Conan’s death to have another pet.

I saw Fluffy in a Petshop in a mall at North Jakarta. He look quite fat and cute to me. My boyf asked me if i want to buy her or not. After a long discussed, i decided to bought Fluffy. I still remember i bought her for 50k rupiah. I went home with a wonderful feeling that time. I was happy to have something i care and responsible to. I named her Fluffy because i loved Agnes in Despicable Me Movie at that time.

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Hummingbird Eatery Jakarta (Review)

Yesterday, i had a chance to visit a place called Hummingbird Eatery. That wasn’t a place of Hummingbird’s birds (i know that little creature, amazing bird though). It was a restaurant inside of a mall at South Jakarta. Seems like the type of the restaurant is Casual Dining with a little high price but still acceptable.

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