Pasta and Me

“Life is a combination of magic and pasta.”
– Federico Fellini


Pasta. Yep! Who doesn’t know this kind of food. The most famous cuisine from italy. I’m not gonna tell about pasta history here. Instead, i want to talk about pasta as my most valuable food.

When i looked back ten years ago, i can see myself as a pasta hater. Seriously, i never liked pasta before. I can’t remember when is my first time i eat pasta. All i can remember is it was a spaghetti bolognese and i found it taste awfully. Since then i swear i hate pasta because the taste is not fit into my tastebud. If you ask me how awful the taste, then i will describe it as eating a noodle with rotten tomatoes jam which is so sour and a little bit bitter. Yuck!
Apparently, my boyfie is raised in a family with a big taste of Italian cuisine. His mother sometimes cook spaghetti or beef lasagna for his family. Well, that’s obvious because she lived in italy once. She understand a couple of Italian languages. So, let’s just say thats she is GREAT with italian cuisine.
I realize, a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So instead of try to cook pasta, i try to make peace with pasta. Well, at least i got the effort, right? Whenever i go to italian restaurant, i try to eat different pasta (that appetite me the most). The turnover moment is when i started my culinary school. I remember i always hate cooking because the pain from the oil when it touched my skin. Shoot, that was hot! So i gave up cooking, i thought cooking is just not my thing. And i know, my commitment to start my culinary school is to tame the fear of the oil!
Yes, i found it fun to cooking and baking. So i started to cook pasta for my boyfie. The easiest one is my favourite one: Aglio Olio. Yep, it’s quite simple just oil and garlic. I always add protein to the food as variation. Sometimes with shrimp, fish or any kind of white meat (but not chicken, i always thought its a bad idea adding chicken to pasta. I dunno why..)
When i cook or baking, i see that my mom is quite happy to try it. She always eat my cooks thou. My Shrimp Aglio Olio is her favourite. Even though, she still eat my spaghetti bolognese or beef lasagna. But, she said Aglio Olio is the best one. So, whenever i cook aglio olio, i cooked for two (three sometimes at weekend for my boyfie)
If you see the picture on the head, those are my cook. There were many of it, but those are still in my instagram. But if you want to see all my cooks, you can visit my Burpple page.
Well, that all i can say for today. I’m happy i can share a piece of my mind here. I hope to see you and wish you all have a good day.
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