Indonesian Foods?

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For some people who’ve seen some foods i made, they must be know that most food i made are Western Foods. And Italian foods did dominate them. If you you wonder where i come from, well i was born from mix tribes in Indonesia; Sanger (North Sulawesi) and Batak (West Sumatra). And yes, that made me an Indonesian and my mother tongue is Bahasa.
So, now you might be wonder why did i never cook Indonesia Cuisine? Well, i did. When i was still in my Cooking School. They included Indonesian Foods in the second term along with Asian Foods. I cook some of Indonesian Traditional Foods such as, Ikan Garang Asam (Fish with Sour Coconut Milk Sauce, Rawon (Beef Black Soup), Sop Buntut (Oxtail Soup), Soto Madura (Traditional Soup from Madura, East Java), etc.

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