Devilled Egg

Please don’t ask me why they named this food ‘Devilled Eggs’. All i know is this dish is perfect for your appetizer. I was tried to make this dish and it was so easy. You only need Boiled Eggs, Mayonnaise or Mustard, salt and pepper for seasoning, and some garnish if you like such as bell pepper powder, dried herbs or fine chopped parsley. Just add any garnish you like.

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Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff is a food that sticked in my head. Why? Because i had to cook this food for my first term test and i have no idea what kind of food this is. Well, they’ve been taught me how to cook this before and they did give me the recipe to make it. But this food is a foreigner to me. I remembered how the test went. I made the Beef Stroganoff a little too thin from the standard. Even though my chef teacher said the taste is good but i counted as a failed attempt.

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