Salmon Tartare with Avocado

Salmon Tartare

Well, i just made this dish this afternoon after looking for some idea to eat salmon. Who doesn’t love salmon? If you want a high protein dish from sea, salmon is your hero (along with snapper, halibut and tuna). I shared my salmon with my 16 months little niece. I eat this salmon raw while she eat it perfectly cooked. Everybody know fishes are good for kids brain developing.

Its not hard to make this dish. Since i have avocado and mayonnaise in the kitchen, i just need to buy the salmon and onion. So i drive to my fave supermarket which always has freshest salmon, bought this and that (my boyf asked me to shop some home supply) then go home to make this.

I only need 30 minutes to make this. Chill it inside my chiller for 15 minutes and its ready to eat! Ha! Bon Apetite!



Don’t forget to add lemon

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