Italian Baked Egg

I always love a simple food (well, who doesn’t?). This dish is remarkably simple. Yes, its from Italy and i always think that Italian cuisines are simply made. They use ingredients that mostly can be found and stocks in every home kitchen.


Before Baked

This dish contains egg, bolognese (even leftover is acceptable) and cheese. See? You can eat bolognese with any pasta you like and the leftover still can be made for other dishes. That’s why i love Italian, they seems never waste any food they made. Mamma mia!

I made this dish for my boyf (yes, he is the lucky one who ate all my cooks.) Since he is used to Italian Foods (his mom had a course in Italy a few years back), his palate is quite useful for me. He seems to love the dish (Thank God for that!). I’ve made bolognese before to make lasagnas or spaghettis as the carbs, but i’ve never paired it with egg because meat and egg is count as proteins. And when i tried to make the dish, i like it a lot. I’m glad i have more food variations for my bolognese. Haha…

Bolognese Inside



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