Homemade Twinkies


A few weeks ago, a friend of mine went to Unites States. I was thinking to ask her to buy me an Apple TV since it was so hard to find it here in Jakarta. Fortunately i found the Apple TV from someone i know in a tech forum on internet (bless the technology!). Just a few days before she take off, i finally asked her to buy me Twinkies. A snack from United States which i knew from my cousin when he was still lived in the state. I asked her to buy me not too much since i didn’t want to bother her. Apparently she brought me two boxes of Twinkies! (God Bless you, mba Juli! Love ya!) And what surprised me the most is she bought me The Minion Edition Twinkies! Ha! I’ve been read it on internet that Hostess had a selfie contest with that minion twinkies. But, i decide not to get in because i thought it was only for American citizens only.

Minion Edition
Ten Twinkies in a box

So, i shared my Twinkies to my household. And save one box to give to my boyf (you know i love ya so much so i shared my precious food to you, my love!). It’s been nine years since  i ate Twinkies from my cousin. And i’ve heard so many news that Hostess is closed their company, so when my sister went to state three years ago i didn’t asked her to buy me Twinkies (i got Friends DVD Complete seasons instead).

It was a few months before my friend went to state i knew that Hostess is open for sale their trademark food, Twinkies. So i’m glad i still can eat it again. Even though they said the new Twinkies contained less sugar so that means less sweet. No wonder Twinkies is one of the most popular snack in America because i know how much American loves sugar (just like i do), so i’m glad they decide to decrease the sugar.

Twinkies Filling

I don’t mind with the sugar less formula in Twinkies, what i do mind is i don’t really like what they do to the filling. Its tasteless to me. And my boyf is agree too. We thought it was like buttercream but with thicker texture. But i have time to guess what’s inside the filling.

I know i love Twinkies, so i decide to make it myself (i don’t think i want to wait until next nine years to eat it again). After my research to find the perfect and fit recipe for Twinkies, i find one recipe that use Betty Crocker’s Pound Cake as one of the ingredient. I know Betty Crockers products are instant flour to bake, but i never use it since i don’t really interesting to try it out. I couldn’t find any Betty Crocker’s Pound Cake anywhere in Jakarta. So i try with the closest cake batter; Vanilla French Cake Mix.

My kind of Twinkies Mold and Non Stick Cooking Spray
Mold from Aluminium Foil

Yesterday i gave it a try in my kitchen. It was easy batter and preparation. I made my own Mini Twinkies mold from Aluminium Foil (it was from baking powder bottle). After i made the batter, spray some non stick cooking spray to the mold and put it inside my oven, voila, i made my own Twinkies! It was so soft and taste great. Thanks to Betty Crocker though. I didn’t make the filling since i think i will make it on the different time.

I called this ‘Twinkies ala-ala’
The texture inside

I know that Twinkies wasn’t that hard to make, so i planned to make it again with my own recipe (no more Betty Crocker, sorry). See ya, then.



PS: Biggest thanks to Mba Juli Kristina for bringing me two boxes of Twinkies. I really appreciate it, mba. Good to know i have a good friend like you. *wink*

*Bonus Picture*
*Bonus picture*

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