I made this sandwiches a few weeks ago. I was in a mood of eating bread, so a few days later there were breads for my meals; sandwiches, toasted breads or just ate some slices of plain toast bread. Thank God i’m through the phase (Ha!)

But, who doesn’t like sandwich? An easy to make meal and i believe every household has all the ingredients in their home. You can make any kind of sandwich you want, single protein, two or maybe three proteins? Who cares as long as your tummy can have it.

Egg is the main protein i add here

Well, i like mine with egg, lettuces, tomatoes and onions. Its the same basic ingredients how i want my burgers. Since i’m not a big fan of cheese, so i only have it when i really want it. For example when i made this sandwich, i added Ricotta Cheese. I was curious how Ricotta taste and i was glad to know it tasted good with my sandwich.

All wrapped and ready to grab to go

Sandwich is the best choice when you want an instant meal. Just have two slices of bread, combine with egg and voila, you make a sandwich. Want some fancy sandwich? Just add any plushes ingredients. But, it doesn’t matter how expensive your meal, the taste is the most matter, right?



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